Architects and Architectural Design Dublin and Longford from Grogans


Grogan architects were established in 2000 and since then have become a force in construction and architecture in Dublin, Longford and surrounding areas.

We are committed to both clients and end users in a way that helps make the process of creating the built environment more understandable and approachable.

As Members of the Environmental and Sustainable Construction Association (EASCA) we are committed to promoting an energy efficient, healthy, low environmental impact throughout our design.

Our work is based upon a set of beliefs that include an emphasis on process as being an important partner in the final execution of the work. This necessitates the qualities communication, patience, sensitivity and respect for other points of view as being important for the successful outcome of the project.

Often we take on the role of architect as mediator between that many interests that seek to influence the direction of a project. We try to establish the common ground through understanding of the issues, and, through honesty and experience, we seek to suggest a compromise that balances the constraints of zoning, building science, budget, time, nature and character of the environment, local context and history, government and political processes and the desires of the people whose interests are represented and affected by the execution of the work.

It is our intention to help foster community development within and around our projects. We seek to assist users of our projects in seeking empowerment. We attempt to erode the large scale of projects into smaller, more familiar groupings based on an understanding of how people operate and what is needed to feel at home.

Apartment builings in Longford